Medicine & Law

MD Mentor was founded by a 5th generation physician and attorney, who by virtue of training and experience in both professions, is uniquely qualified to assist physicians experiencing the stress of any kind of litigation.

Who is MD Mentor

Founded in 1992 by Louise B. Andrew MD JD FACEP, MD Mentor is backed by a conscientious and seasoned professional, with over a dozen years of physician counseling experience, following a 25 year career in medicine and law. You can learn more about her here.

Dr. Andrew provides top-notch counseling, coaching, and litigation stress support services along with continuing client contact.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, MDMentor has established relationships with both individual and organizational clients that last a lifetime. Please take the Litigation Stress Survey if you are facing litigation. It could save your life.

Contact Dr. Andrew via our contact page, email, or VM at 425-609-0039.