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MD Mentor was founded by a 5th generation physician and attorney, who by virtue of training and experience in both professions, is uniquely qualified to assist physicians experiencing the stress of any kind of litigation.


Emergency Physicians’ Monthly ran a fascinating series called “The Trial of a White Coat.”  An emergency physician blogger, codenamed “White Coat”, chronicled his (now closed) malpractice trial.  It is a fascinating read.  White Coat is now compiling a book about the experience, so the blog is no longer available.  However, he has made several excerpts available to us at MD Mentor.  Part 1  Part 4  Part 14   Vinny is one of his lawyers, Louise another (no relation). 

An excellent article has appeared in Medscape regarding the relationship between your malpractice attorney, your insurer, and yourself. Is your lawyer working for you? Find out by reading Will you be Forced to Settle your Malpractice Case?

Health Day reports on the High Cost to Physicians of different specialties in settling malpractice claims.  Several organizations are exploring alternate methods of settling cases more efficiently and fairly.

Here is a very informative article about the phenomenon of Litigation Stress written by attorney Mike Sacopulos and referencing the efforts of Dr. Robert Linden. Read Physicians Aren’t Alone: Understanding and Dealing with Malpractice Litigation Stress.

No matter what lawyers say, it isn’t just Business.  Here’s an article by Amy Sorrel describing the feelings most physicians have when involved in litigation: Being sued is personal as well as professional.

There is Life after a lawsuit.  Alicia Gallegos reveals how three physicians picked up the pieces after malpractice litigation and even made positive changes in their practices and lives.