Medicine & Law

MD Mentor was founded by a 5th generation physician and attorney, who by virtue of training and experience in both professions, is uniquely qualified to assist physicians experiencing the stress of any kind of litigation.

MDM Services

physician stressConsulting services are available on site or by phone.

Consultation is provided by Dr. Andrew or a small number of carefully selected colleagues.  A preliminary call to determine whether we can be of service to you will be included in the cost of the first session.
Trial coaching or training is provided by Dr. Andrew who will work with you in conjunction with your attorney. Such coaching may include deposition or trial preparation, individual litigation stress management or family stress assessment and management.

OF COURSE, no online service can substitute for competent emergency care. If you are feeling helpless, hopeless or have scored high on the Medical Malpractice Stress Syndrome self test, please seek help immediately from your physician, your physician health program or an emergency department.